(258 km from Palermo; 67.535 inhabitants; 502 m a. s. l.; ZIP 97100; area code 0932).

Ragusa is the chief town of the province and an interesting place for both geographical aspect and artistic and historic heritage. Set on a wide calcareous hill in the middle of two deep valleys (called Quarries of San Leonardo and Santa Domenica), Ragusa is divided in two distinct areas: Ragusa Ibla (lower side) and Ragusa (upper side), separated by the "bridges valley", a deep ravine crossed by successive four bridges, of which that known as the bridge of the "Cappuccini" (order of friars), dating the 18th century, is worth-mentioning ... (more)

(20 km from Ragusa; 50.000 inhabitants; ZIP 97010-97015; area code 0932).

Modica is one of the most picturesque cities of the province and of all Sicily. It is located in the Southern side of the Iblean mountains and is divided in two original areas: Modica Alta (Upper Modica), whose buildings almost clamber up on the rocks of the mountains, and Modica Bassa (Lower Modica), down in the valley, where once flew the rivers Ianni Mauro and Pozzo dei Pruni, which were covered up at the beginning of the century because of the frequent floods, and where the Corso Umberto, main road and historic centre of the town, stands ... (continua)

(24 km from Ragusa; 25 255 inhabitants; 106 m a. s. l.; ZIP 97018; area code 0932).

Scicli elegant town of the province of Ragusa, is set in a broad valley, in the middle of rocky hills. It rises at the confluence of three deep valleys, called: San Bartolomeo, Santa Maria La Nuova and Fiumara di Modica. Its 18th century look comes from the reconstruction following the earthquake in 1693. The elegant design of buildings, churches and urban plan, the richness in spaces and the splendid effects gave it the appellation of "Baroque Jewel" ... (continua)

(33 km from Ragusa; 15000 inhabitants; 170 m a. s. l.; ZIP 97014; area code 0932).

Ispica a nice town, set on the eastern extremity of the province of Ragusa, bounding that of Siracusa. Its urban plan, re-designed after the 1693 earthquake, is among the most functional and modern of Sicily, characterized by straight and large streets, nevertheless showing splendid palazzi and churches ... (continua)

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